Free Design and Quote

Kwik Kerb® Business Owners provide a FREE on-site quote or estimate for your project and in most cases will be able to help you with your edging design.

As there is such a wide range of profiles, styles, patterns and colours available, Kwik Kerb® Business Owners are trained to attend your site and offer advice about the layout of your edging and the most suitable

and cost effective solution for you. He/she will even help you to design and mark out the location of your Kwik Kerb® at no charge while he/she is there!

When the Kwik Kerb® Business Owner arrives on site to give an estimate, he/she may show you some samples of different kerbing styles. A portfolio of completed jobs will be available for you to look though so that you can choose the look that you want. This is very helpful when planning the type of total "make-over" Kwik Kerb® gives a landscaped area. If you require a written estimate the Kwik Kerb® Business Owner will provide you with one. If you are ready to have the job done the Business Owner will book a day for your project. If he/she is already working nearby, the job may even be able to be completed the same day! Kwik Kerb® operators are known for prompt and courteous service!

to cure the Kwik Kerb® and protects your investment from the elements.



This photo shows the sort of mess and ugly kerbing which you could be left with when you use an installer other than Kwik Kerb®. Note how this other well known kerbing company has left excess concrete everywhere. Don't be disappointed - Use Kwik Kerb® for your concrete edging installation.