Eurostyle® edging is the benchmark for landscape edging worldwide and is the ideal way to create functional and attractive borders around garden beds and along driveways. Once you have it installed in your garden you’ll wonder why you didn’t have it installed sooner. There’s never been a finishing touch like Eurostyle®. If you intend to enhance your gardens make sure that you consider genuine Kwik Kerb® Eurostyle® edging. The original and still the best!

Eurostyle® is available in a variety of patterns. Each creation is a unique hand-finished result which provides individuality to your garden. The patterns combine with Eurostyle® exclusive impregnated Kwik Kolor and stone texture finish, to give your concrete edging visual appeal and lasting beauty.

The patterns and colours below are examples of Kwik Kerb's Eurostyle® range of edging.