Kwik Kerb® Eurobrick® edging has the appearance, texture and feel of real brick and mortar edging, combined with the durability and lasting quality of extruded continuous concrete. Eurobrick® has unique qualities and an exclusive application process which will ensure that your landscape garden edging is the best in the neighbourhood. Eurobrick® is the perfect choice to frame your garden beds and edge your pathways. Choose your preferred colours and pattern to create a landscaping masterpiece today.

Eurobrick® Features

  • Eurobrick® is a superior edging product exclusive to Kwik Kerb®.
  • Quick to lay. Most domestic jobs are finished in a day.
  • Textured, multi-coloured concrete edging that simulates the appearance of real brick with cement mortar joints.
  • Many natural colours available to suit your existing landscape features.
  • Unique, hand-finished edging that provides individuality and practicality to your landscaping.
  • Strength and durability of extruded concrete.
  • Compliments your existing brick and/or pavers.
  • Adds prestige and value to your property.
  • Minimises water use by retaining mulch where it is needed.