Colours Available

Kwik Kerb® Business Owners can show you an extensive range of colours, when they come to the site to provide a quote. When choosing your colour for your project, you must consider the fact that most times more than one colour is used in the creation of the work. The Kwik Kerb® Business Owner will assist you in the selection of a colour which will suit your landscape. Special products are also used by Kwik Kerb® which strengthen the surface of your concrete landscape edging. This means that your investment will be resistant to chipping, cracking staining and weathering. The only maintenance required is the resealing of coloured kerb every two to three years.

The patterns and colours below are samples of a wide range of colours that are available.

Exclusive Kwik Kolor Finish

Kwik Kerb edging uses an exclusive Kwik Kolor process to create a prestigious, long lasting and visually appealing finish. Kwik Kolor is superior to painted finishes. It is harder than concrete and it is sealed to give a durable, stain resistant and attractive finish to the edge.