Care & Maintenance

Kwik Kerb® needs little maintenance, but some precautions are necessary after installation. It is very important not to wet the new kerbing too much for the first few days after installation, so be sure to have your sprinklers temporarily disabled. Don't allow metal objects like steel rakes and garden spades etc. to come

in contact with the new concrete edging. (Concrete takes approx. 28 days to reach full strength.) Take care when mowing your grass and doing edging that contact is not made with metal blades. Don't drive vehicles over landscape kerbing as this may crack the Kwik Kerb® in places away from the control joints. With common sense your Kwik Kerb® can retain it's beauty and elegance for many years to come. We suggest that a recoat of sealer every two to three years will help retain Kwik Kerb’s unique properties.

Kwik Kerb® available in your area! If you are looking for the ultimate in garden, driveway or landscape edging, why not contact Kwik Kerb® today.