Golf Courses

For nearly two decades, golf courses have chosen Kwik Kerb® as their choice of borders for cart paths, car parks and general landscape kerbing for around the clubhouse and tees. Kwik Kerb® is both versatile and economical with many profile shapes to suit every purpose. Kwik Kerb® enhances the beauty of a course while providing a functional boundary to control wandering carts etc. The addition of Kwik Kerb® makes trimming the grass to the edge of the cart path much easier, also reducing maintenance time.

Kwik Kerb® Car Park kerb has been used along these asphalt cart paths on a golf course. The size of this concrete kerb makes it very difficult for cart drivers to mount the kerb.

For a more enhanced looking border for golf course cart paths, Kwik Kerb® Eurostyle® concrete edging can be chosen. A large range of colours, patterns and styles are available to suit any course.