Driveways and Paths

Kwik Kerb® operators have been enhancing driveways with concrete landscape edging for over 20+ years. All over the world, the same problems with driveways exist. A clear definition between the edge of the driveway is required and Kwik Kerb® does this job perfectly. Kwik Kerb® also solves water run-off head aches and retains mulch where it belongs - in the garden beds.

Kwik Kerb® continuous concrete kerbing can make a dramatic improvement to any area from a functional and aesthetic point of view. As you can see in this photo, the addition of Kwik Kerb really enhances the appearance of a garden path and driveway. It defines the path edges and adds functional beauty which is what Kwik Kerb® is all about. Just imagine what can be done at your property with Kwik Kerb®!

By edging the pathways in front of this home a very neat effect was attained by the home owner. This is an excellent example of how functional Kwik Kerb® is in retaining the mulch as well as adding the final touch to an intricate layout.