Commercial Edging

Different carpark styles have been installed by Kwik Kerb® worldwide since 1987. Architects and specifiers often include Kwik Kerb® concrete carpark kerbing in their carpark designs, based on these dimensions. A special concrete mix is used and in most cases the kerb is extruded over rebar to ensure it remains where it is positioned. If required, a special compound is also applied to the concrete or asphalt surface, prior to the Kwik Kerb® concrete carpark kerb being placed. Our special system of installation has been tried and tested for many years, so you can be assured of a first class result!

This 2,500 METRE Garden Centre in Lancashire dramatically enhanced their landscaping with Kwik Kerb®. The finished result is a functional yet attractive tidy boundary.

A Hi-Border kerb was installed as a perimeter on this asphalt parking area. Kwik Kerb® Business Owners can install this type of kerb at a far more economical price than alternatives available. Project managers also choose Kwik Kerb® because of it's versatility. Often, landscape kerbing is installed at the same time. A job which larger machines can't do.