About Kwik Kerb

The Kwik Kerb trademark and the Kwik Kerb Business Owner's distinctive red trailer are very well known and respected and have been synonymous with quality concrete edging throughout South Africa since 1994. Kwik Kerb Business Owners use the patented Edgemaster concrete kerbing machinery which is regarded by many as the best quality concrete

extruder machinery in the world. The Edgemaster quickly lays high quality edging and kerbing suitable for domestic and commercial applications. Wide ranges of concrete edging finishes are available such as slate impression (Eurostyle) and stamped kerbing and authentic brick and mortar appearance kerbing (Eurobrick) as well as the renowned Sleeper/Rustic Wood finish which is very popular with homeowners throughout South Africa.

Kwik Kerb Guarantees Satisfaction

Kwik Kerb Southern Africa has many Kwik Kerb Operators throughout Southern Africa however we are always looking in certain areas for new Kwik Kerb operators to add to the Kwik Kerb Family. Kwik Kerb Operators are completely trained in accordance with international workmanship standards & trained to care for our Kwik Kerb customers needs.

Home and Business owners are continuously looking to improve their properties and Kwik Kerb Operators provide a workmanship guaranteed to satisfy their customer’s kerbing and edging requirements, twelve months of the year. Kwik Kerb continues to increase in popularity and the staff at Kwik Kerb Head Office in Gauteng are always happy to discuss both domestic and commercial customer’s kerbing requirements.

Many people refer to Kwik Kerb Businesses as Kwik Kerb Franchises or a Border Franchise. Kwik Kerb is also sometimes incorrectly written as Quik Kerb, Quick Kerb, Kwick Kerb, Kwik Curb, or Kiwi Kerb. Remember “if it doesn't say Kwik Kerb, it isn't Kwik Kerb!!”